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What a pleasure to work with Christina. Her musicianship is unparalleled, her acting choices are always strong, and she makes adjustments quickly and effortlessly. Once the theater world knows her better, she will never be out of work.

Michael Lavine – NYC

Her approach to teaching the techniques of vocal performance is incredibly accessible and has helped me not only improve as a singer, but gain a better insight of music.  I am an exponentially better singer because of her instruction and would recommend her to anyone with any level of experience looking to improve.

Taryn S. – Orlando

I have worked along side Christina for over 5 years with live production, and have performed along side her for over 3 years. She is one of the most talented, professional, and personable people I have had the opportunity to share a stage with.

Matthew Cox – Nashville

Christina sets a great example for anyone who may be aspiring to be a performer/musician by providing a professional, focused atmosphere in which you can learn and grow. She knows what it takes to push you, as a student, in the right direction. In being her student for 6 years, I’ve learned many things over the years, musically, and mentally.

Natasha A. – NYC

Christina is a delight to work with. She is very professional, accomplished, prepared, reliable and so NICE. She has wonderful stage presence on and off stage. She is such a joy to work with and I’m looking forward to working with her again soon.

Krista A. – Orlando

Our 10 year old daughter took piano and voice lessons with Christina. Since she has moved to New York we have had the privilege of working with her on Skype. Christina is an accomplished professional and it has been our privilege to have had her skills passed onto our daughter.  We highly recommend her teaching to one and all.

Rhoda N. – Orlando

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